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10/07/18: I want to thank everyone for all of their effort and dedication. I am so very impressed by the dedication of the players who have stayed with us through the summer and into Fall. However, virtual communities can be hard to predict and we just are not getting the population we need to support or justify the continued $400/mo expense. The homestead (town sim) has a few days left on tier, and the full sim has about 10 days. I will be closing the homestead and doing refunds today and tomorrow.

If anyone wants to pick up the sims I am open to providing support and a limited license to the lore and build. Only serious offers please, or we discourage everyone further.


From Comraich

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White Briar, Telrae'dor[edit]

Jarnholl, Valgard[edit]

Arjat, Zuben[edit]

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